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Build a Strong Family Team

Play Together, Stay Together! The proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” reminds us that it takes extensive societal support in order to raise emotionally and mentally strong children and families, We all agree that in this time of rapid changes, challenges and opportunities, we all need a new set of skills in order to deal with the continuous change while maintaining our optimal balance and growth.

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Build a Strong Organization Team

High Performance Team Training! A participatory program for learning organizations which desire to develop high performance teams and foster teamwork, creative problem solving, innovation, authentic leadership, stress management, resiliency, and mindfulness.

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DramaSports Revolution

DramaSports Revolution is theater that plays like spectator sports with focus on learning compassionate communication and building strong family teams. Like in sports; players gain scores following presenting each scene except the score is collectively decided by the audience members. The participatory nature of this theater encourages the active participation of the audience members in creating stories, scenes, scenarios, etc.

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What is Improv Solutions?

How Can You Benefit From Improv Solutions?

What is Our Process?

Our ultimate goal is to help workshop participants take an inner journey and discover for themselves the mind-body connections through self-discovery and relevant learning.  Our focus will be learning meaningful content in a socially responsible context so all participants gain insight to the value of  teamwork,  nonviolent communication and how it is crucial for creating happy and productive teams in family environment and work place.

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